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Day 1 - Thursday, 24 September 2020

10:00  ‑  10:30 CEST

Opening of the conference and general information

Vice-Rector Ronald Maier (University of Vienna)

President ESSD Dirk J. Korf (University of Amsterdam) 

Conference Organisers ESSD 2020 Meropi Tzanetakis (University of Vienna) & Alfred Uhl (GÖG, SFU)
10:30 ‑ 11:15 CEST

Session 1: New trends in drug use

Chair: Bernd Werse (Goethe University Frankfurt)

  Nitrous oxide use among young people – intoxication, risks and policy developments
Vibeke A. Frank, Aarhus University, Sarah MacLean, La Trobe University & Maria D. Herold, Aarhus University
  A public health approach to New Psychoactive Substances (NPS); European epidemiological overview in the general and school populations Julian Vicente, João Matias, Federica Mathis, EMCDDA, Begoña Brime, Noelia Llorens, PND & Sabrina Molinaro, CNR-IFC
  Gendered perspectives on academic achievement and performance-enhancing substance use among Danish college students in the ‘performance society’ Jeanett Bjønness, Aarhus University
11:15 ‑ 11:45 CEST Informal online networking
11:45 ‑ 12:30 CEST

Session 2: Drug use related implications of COVID-19

Chair: Vibeke A. Frank (Aarhus University)
  Changes of drug use in the general population due to COVID-19 Martin Busch, Charlotte Klein, Tanja Schwarz & Julian Strizek, Austrian Public Health Institute
  Alcohol consumption and false rumors circulation during the COVID-19 pandemic Virginia Martínez-Fernández, Miguel Hernández University
  Substance consumption styles during the Covid-19 lockdown: self-control or self-regulation? Raimondo Maria Pavarin, University of Bologna, Local Health Unit of Bologna
12:30 ‑ 13:30 CEST Lunch break
13:30 ‑ 14:15 CEST

Session 3: Methods and ethics

Chair: Tom Decorte (Ghent University)
  Why we cannot remain flies on the wall: Ethnographic fieldwork in the largest open drug scene in Israel Hagit Bonny-Noach, Ariel University & Sharon Toys, Ashkelon Academic College

Doing ethnographic drugs research: Ethical and moral dilemmas

Presentation Slides

Lisa Williams & Jessica Williamson, University of Manchester

Civil Society Monitoring of Harm Reduction in Europe

Presentation Slides

Rafaela Rigoni, Correlation European Harm Reduction Network, Tuukka Tamm, Finnish Institute of Health & Eberhard Schatz, Correlation European Harm Reduction Network
14:15 ‑ 14:45 CEST Informal online networking
14:45 ‑ 15:30 CEST

Session 4: Cannabis: Innovative approaches

Chair: Angus Bancroft (University of Edinburgh)

The spectre of continued ambiguity: Tensions within cannabis policy change in Ireland

Presentation Slides

Chris Ó Rálaigh, Technological University Dublin & Sarah Morton, University College Dublin

Cannabis users and stigma: A comparison of users from European countries with different cannabis policies

Kostas Skliamis, University of Amsterdam, Annemieke Benschop, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences & Dirk J. Korf, University of Amsterdam

Cannabis use and coronavirus – results of a short online survey in Germany

Presentation Slides

Bernd Werse & Gerrit Kamphausen, Goethe University Frankfurt
15:30 ‑ 16:00 CEST Informal online networking
16:00 ‑ 16:45 CEST

Session 5: Drug market dynamics in relation to COVID-19

Chair: Aileen O'Gorman (University of the West of Scotland)

Buying drugs in the UK under lockdown: Results of the Release COVID-19 Drug Market Survey

Presentation Slides

Judith Aldridge, University of Manchester & Niamh Eastwood, Release

Drug use patterns and the illegal drugs market in Latvia in relation to COVID-19 pandemic: Results of the European Web Survey on Drugs COVID-19

Presentation Slides

Agnese Zīle-Veisberga, Ministry of the Interior of Latvia

Acquittance of addictive behaviours recovery-based programmes as social & health response for women in treatment all around Europe

Presentation Slides

Antonio Molina Fernández, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Gisela Hansen, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, María L. Cuenca Montesino, Francisco Gil Rodríguez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Day 2 - Friday, 25 September 2020

10:00 10:45 CEST

Session 6: Digitisation of drug markets

Chair: Judith Aldridge (University of Manchester)

Waiting for the delivery man: Managing addiction, withdrawal and the pleasures of dope time

Presentation Slides

Angus Bancroft, University of Edinburgh

Reducing harm and efficient markets? Surveillance capitalism and a new dialectic of self-exploitation  

Presentation Slides

Meropi Tzanetakis & Stefan Marx, University of Vienna
  Non-medical use of central stimulants and the Corona-Crises – Time to change control policies Alfred Springer, Medical University of Vienna
10:45  11:15 CEST Informal online networking
11:15 ‑ 12:00 CEST

Session 7: Theoretical approaches towards drug use and policing

Chair: Agnese Zīle-Veisberga (Ministry of the Interior of Latvia)
  Debating decriminalization of drug use in the Nordic countries: A comparative analysis of stakeholders’ views in Finland and in Sweden Tuulia Lerkkanen & Jessica Storbjörk, Stockholm University
  The symbolic crusade of policing drugs: drug discourses and the self-legitimacy of drug detectives Steven Debbaut, Ghent University
  Identity construction of people with polydrug use Jenni Savonen, University of Helsinki
12:00 ‑ 13:00 CEST Lunch break
12:00 ‑ 13:00 CEST

Early Career Researcher Forum

Chair: Kristiāna Diāna Bebre (University of Latvia)
13:00 ‑ 13:45 CEST

Session 8: Drug services challenges due to COVID-19

Chair: Jessica Storbjörk (Stockholm University)

How COVID-19 affected PWUD and drug services in Austria at an early stage of containment measures

Presentation Slides

Ilonka Horváth, Irene Schmutterer & Tanja Schwarz, Austrian Public Health Institute

‘Open’ Drug Scenes in Germany – Changes and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic

Presentation Slides

Luise Klaus & Bernd Werse, Goethe University Frankfurt

Digital technologies and Health Literacy ‑ prevention training

Presentation Slides

Susana Henriques, CIES-IUL ‑ Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology, University Institute of Lisbon, Universidade Aberta
13:45 ‑ 14:15 CEST Informal online networking
14:15 15:00 CEST

Session 9: Patterns of drug use and using careers

Chair: Susana Henriques (Universidade Aberta, CIES-IUL)

Risk and protective factors associated with different types of ATS use careers: results from the European ATTUNE study

Presentation Slides

Moritz Rosenkranz, Marcus-Sebastian Martens, Heike Zurhold, Peter Degkwitz & Uwe Verthein, University of Hamburg
  Beyond the high ‑ Mapping patterns of use and motives for use of cannabis as medicine in Denmark through an anonymous online survey Sinikka L. Kvamme, Michael M. Pedersen, Aarhus University, Sagi Alagem-Iversen, Consultant & Birgitte Thylstrup, Aarhus University
  ‘Never drop without your significant other, cause that way lies ruin’: The boundaries of couples’ MDMA use Katie Anderson, Middlesex University
15:00 ‑ 15:30 CEST Informal online networking
15:30 ‑ 16:15 CEST

Session 10: Drug policy: Critical reflections

Chair: Moritz Rosenkranz ( University of Hamburg )

Mapping NPS Policy in the EU: Legal frameworks, healthcare provision and outcomes

Presentation Slides

Jessica Neicun, Maastricht University
  “From searching pockets to treatment”: An investigation of a drug diversion programme in a Danish police precinct Tobias Kammersgaard, Esben Houborg, Thomas Friis Søgaard & Sidsel Schrøder, Aarhus University

The management of cannabis engagement among residents of Riga, Latvia

Presentation Slides

Kristiāna Diāna Bebre, University of Latvia
16:15 ‑ 16:35 CEST Closing session

Early Career Researcher Forum

The Early Career Researcher Forum is a side-event dedicated to early-career researchers to meet fellow early-career researchers from across Europe and beyond. It will take place on Friday, 25 September, during the lunch break from 12:00 – 13:00 CEST. The forum is open to anyone who considers themselves an early career researcher from any field related to social drug research, wanting to share research ideas and experiences.